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Brugmansia x flava 'Wildfire'

A new breed Brugmansia x flava, which is virustolerant. The beautiful intense flower colors will inspire sure some plants as well as our joy. These vary according to weather conditions, purples and dark bluish red flower color as possible.

As with almost all Brugmansia x flava and this plant also makes greater demands on the culture. You need a partially shaded to shady location in the summer. It is particularly sensitive to waterlogging and may only be moderately watered, especially in the winter which will require a green thumb.

It weakened moderately to weakly, slightly sparrig and can live well with the Brugmansiavirus. By Bittersalzgaben she gets pretty foliage. Again, we recommend a bright winter because they bloom all year round.

Flower: single

Flower Color: Multicolored in purple-red flowers with yellow throat

Flower length cm: 22

Kronendurchmeser: 7

Bloom frequency: very good

Vegetation: moderate

Winter: because they bloom all year round

Winter temperature: 2 to 10 degrees

Fragrance: No fragrance

Location: partial shade, shade in summer

We deliver our into 9cm pots.-bzw.12cm seedlings. These are good rooting, have a size of about 20 cm (but usually) much larger and are healthy and in good condition for shipping. Ensure our long experience in plant shipments that arrive at your plants well.


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