Veilchensträucher (Iochroma)[1]


in the photo is the Iochroma cyaneum to see

Veilchenstrauch (Iochroma)

This genus belongs to the family Solanaceae.
There are about 25 different species, mostly from Central America, South America, denWestindischen Islands and Mexico.
But even in our latitudes grow many kinds of very good, but need a frost-free winter quarters.

The flowers are tubular and have a range of colors from red to bluish red and purple to blue.

Regular pruning should be done in the spring. Then it branches rich and makes for a great flowering. But also a regular topiary can be useful.

A sunny to partially shaded location is ideal.

You want regular watering, but there must be no waterlogging caused. Please only watering when the soil is dried or significantly when the leaves "limp".

In the main growing season (May to August) should be fertilized with a complete fertilizer about every 3 days. In April and September reaches a weekly fertilizers.

Most Iochroma not tolerate frost and must be brought into their winter home early. This should be bright and about 5-15 degrees. Depending on the light intensity in winter quarters, the plant loses some of its leaves. The fertilizer will be set and maintained the substrate dry. But it should never dry out completely. the Cestrum can also overwinter dark. He then looses its leaves in the spring but new forms. If the bushes again move to the outside (mid-May) they should some day something shady thus are not burned.


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