B. vulcanicola

The Brugmansia vulcanicola also happens to your natural habitat in Colombia is relatively rare. They grow slowly and have very long lasting blooms.
Almost all of Brugmansia vulcanicola place greater demands on the culture. You need a partially shaded to shady location in the summer. They are particularly sensitive to waterlogging and they may be only moderately watered, especially in the winter which will require a green thumb. Also, the planter should be chosen as small as possible. They love the cool seasons, grow and then bloom, is therefore ideal for wintering a bright winter quarters, almost condition. The temperature should be between 2 to 10 degrees.

Our seedlings are mostly due to growth of less than 20 cm.

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Product no.: 516

Brugmansia vulcanicola Hybride  'LILAC TOUCH'


A new variety from the year 2009, which has a very interesting flower colors. Many pink pastel colors, to a touch of purple are possible.

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Product no.: 570

Brugmansia hybrids vulcanicola 'Neonlight'
This, also have their own selection from the year 2008, enchants the viewer with bright shiny flowers.

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Product no.: 630

Brugmansia vulcanicola hybrids 'ROSA LILA'
With small, between pink and lilac floral displays, these hybrids.

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