Angels Trumpet B. arborea

Angels Trumpet  B. arborea

The Angel Trumpet Brugmansia arborea type is one of the early-flowering species, with flowers in batches rather continuously and not pronounced. It belongs to the robust plants, not least because they in their home locations as Chile and Colombia is also found at high altitudes. The flowers are very long lasting in the Rel and smell particularly intense.

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Product no.: 571
Brugmansia arborea Hybride `New Wave'

This striking color, this einene breeding a delicate novelty of extraordinary beauty.

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Product no.: 330

Brugmansia arborea 'Wild Form'

A very free flowering angel's trumpet, with long, cream-colored flowers about 17 cm.

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Product no.: 410

Brugmansia arborea 'Engelsglöckchen'

The most beautiful white flower scent of vanilla and is very durable.

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