Multiply the smallest space and we breed potted plants with emphasis on Brugmansia (angel's trumpets), Schönmalven (Abutilon), Acnistus (Australian bells bush) and fuchsias Rarities on our relatively small private estate on the outskirts of the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr in Duisburg.

Since our 15-year-old Firmenjübiläum in 2013, we have more pot plants rarities, such as Plumbargo, Clerodendrum, Tibouchina, Solanum, Cassia, Grewia and Lantana.

Of course, our garden is open during the summer months for our plant friends, let to be inspired by the beauty of potted plants. We also have time for you, we ask you your appointment previously agreed with us.

Since many years our breeding is highly valued in the plants friends, a hobby has become a bit more to the profession (to appeal).

It is the proximity to our customers and the advice always our main concern.

Please note that we ship plants from April to October.

We will be happy always with words and deeds aside and look forward, whether, by fax or by phone by e-Mai to your contact.
Although, or perhaps because with us only a few hands that often make a lot of work, best quality is a matter of course at the plant and the shipping and always our goal.
Many years of experience in breeding, husbandry and propagation of the plants, as well as long experience in shipping plants to ensure optimum service and best quality for you.

Presentation of our team
Currently 6 employees to help us with all necessary work. This love and good spirits to support us throughout the year, mostly as part-time workers, in all areas. We would like to introduce:

Marita ,, our great help in the office, on the phone, when invoicing, shipment preparation and many other office work.

Nicole, we are happy that we could win a trained teacher for us and we can not imagine how we would manage without you know.

Ulrike, simply indispensable. Boss at the packing station and the shipment preparation. But one has to look long even when working around the house and garden, a treasure.

Heike and Astrid, for the preparation and delivery at the packing station genuine support. Even the most difficult packages are properly and professionally put together, so that you can unpack the plants in the best possible condition.

Tanja, only relatively short with us and have a great help in preparing and shipping at the packing station.

Joseph, we may forget in no case. Without our professional gardeners with whom we would now work together for many years in many things in our plants impossible. Not only that, most of our seedlings in his greenhouses are great, also a part of our seedlings offered originate from his farm. We have never had a better nursery who called his own such a high quality standard and know a reliable partner and appreciate.

Anne, since now more than 25 years and for over 15 years Engelstrompetennarr breeder and "mother" of one or other new variety. The boss of all that. With great commitment in the garden, in the preparation and delivery of all big and small things around a professional plant shipments is active and best should be several times since all tasks to do simultaneously as possible

Werner, the languid plants, water trails and anywhere helps where he can not do much broken in plants. Mainly, however with all things around the PC - is techniques, the Software, advertising, enterprise resource planning and demand in the bookkeeping - and - network.

Do not forget I want our diligent long necks (ducks) while spraying the already in the 4th year free hold our garden snails and much good humor.

Address and Company Data

Potted plants Anne Kirchner-Abel Schützenstraße 22-2447229 Duisburg
Phone: 02065/49271 Fax: 032 22 244 74 22
Tax number 134/5000/0955 ::
Sales tax identification number according to § 27a sales tax law: DE 197 805 001
Responsible according to § 10 paragraph 3 MDStV: Anne Kirchner-Abel (address as above)
Plant passport number: DE-NW-1101081
Bank: Postbank Frankfurt
IBAN: SWIFT BIC DE49500100600625241608: PBNKDEFF
Account No .: 625241608 Bank code: 50010060
PayPal- address:

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