Grewia, Lavendel-Sternblüte, Kreuzbeere, Sternblüte, engelstrompete

Grewia occidentalis

This beautiful container plant presented from April to October continuously countless star-shaped pink to lavender flowers.

The member of the family (Malvaceae) belonging Lavender Star Flower (Grewia occidentalis), also called cross-berry, is a plant of the species-rich genus star bushes (Grewia), which belongs to the mallow family (Malvaceae) and native to South Africa where they are far widespread.

She is unpretentious in the maintenance and the location. A bright sunny place or rich but also a neck-shaded location and regelmaßige strong weekly fertilizer for many months an eyecatcher with you to the garden on the terrace or on the balcony have.

Light frosts and short dry periods are mostly survived unscathed.

The forming fruits are edible and are in a sunny location sweet and delicious.

A sample sale at our plant, we show photos.

Want to spend the winter, the Grewia light at 4-8 degrees.

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We already offer a large, 2-year-old high strains in 5 liter buckets, which are usually about 1 meter tall.

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