Tibouchina urvillena

This great container plant is called Princess Flower and sometimes violet tree. She has dark, strange horned stamens, which made to look like a spider lying on his back and the plant in its South American home also brought the name spider flower.

An extremely attractive eye-catcher on the balcony and terrace, this plant is capable of up to 12 cm wide, bright blue-violet flower spikes and velvety her hairy deep green leaves. Of unparalleled intensity, the flowers are not only in color, but they still appear in large numbers in the summer and well into the late fall. In a conservatory, the Tibouchina continue to flourish.

From mid-May, the plant can be placed in a partially shaded, sheltered spot outside. Then a bright, sunny location is important. She loves lime-free water, and always should have moist soil around the roots. However, waterlogging is avoided.

For the fertilization from March to September to May we also recommend Hakaphos fertilizer at a concentration of 2-3 grams per liter of water. This fertilizer solution, the plant should be watered once a week pervasive. Best is lime-free watering.

The only disadvantage of the plant is the saving-engine growth. Therefore belongs to the pruning of the main nursing interventions. Can flourish so that the plant grows bushy, well, not verkahlt, the young shoots should be entspitzt when two pairs of leaves have formed.

Before the first frost, the plants have their winter quarters, for a brighter about 10 degrees cooler space is ideal. She then throws although from some of their leaves, but in the spring pushes back out again.

In winter and spring the plant is watered only moderately, so that the root ball does not dry out.

Depending on your rooting superb copy should be umtopft after 1-2 years in a slightly larger pot. It should be used here only high quality soils that stay as long as structurally stable and slow-release fertilizers contain (please no cheap earth that goes for all pot plants).

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