Lantana (Lantana camara)

The special feature of the umbel-like flowers of the lantana (Lantana camara) is the "Convert" to their color. The flowers are blooming in the know, for example, and are then orange and finally red. The flowering is from May to October, pot-Stars as it in many colors Yellow, white, pink and orange.

Imports from Central America evergreens are ideal container plants and Blühwunder true, because the beautiful flowers will be presented by May to October.

In the forming fruits because of their toxicity caution.

  They love a bright, sunny and warm location. Lantana planted in high quality potting soil. It is suitable for balcony and terrace, cold and tempered conservatory and of course can convince every suitable place in the garden.

In the summer, you should pour the abundant sun. Make sure, however, that excess water can drain well. Lantana not tolerate waterlogging or drought.

Shrinking Wandelröschens is a bushy growth imperative. The new shoots in summer must regularly clipped with his fingertips and withered bunches are cut off, so that no fruits form. Who has chosen a phylum must entspitzen the always the new growth, so that a bushy and dense crown forms.

Thus, the potted plants are sufficient nutrients, you should give them from March to September fertilize once a week.

Lantana be brought before the first frost in a bright or dark, 5 to 15 ° C cold winter quarters. Basically, the warmer the neighborhood is, the lighter it should be. The bales must not dry out.