Hakaphos nutrient salts Basis

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Hakaphos ® soft nutrient salts Bsais  for a special support in flower formation, with the composition of NPK 05 +20 +30 (+5) + minerals. (N = nitrogen, P = Phosphate, K = potassium,) (+3) = magnesium.

The fertilizer is dissolved in water, which succeeds easily in seconds and without a lot of stirring. Doses are 2-3 grams per liter of water. With this water the fertilizer plants are then poured.

Thus, nutrient salts 1kg yields approximately 500 liters of water, fertilizer.

Compo of the salts are the ideal fertilizer for plants means everything. We all potted plants are fertilized, but it also crops, perennials and other garden plants enjoy the best composite compound fertilizer. In contrast to for example Blue corn plants Suturing materials which are made available immediately.

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